Galatians, Ephesians, Philippians, and Colossians

January Study Questions


1.      Paul was an apostle who was… (1:1)

a.       Sent from men

b.      Sent by a man

c.       Sent by Jesus Christ and the God the Father


2.      What did Jesus rescues use from? (1:3)

a.       This present evil age

b.      The future evil that is to come

c.       All hardship and difficulty


3.      What were the Galatians turning to a different gospel from?  (1;6)

a.       The Law of Moses

b.      The one who called them

c.       Their superstitions


4.      What should be done to anybody preaching a gospel other than what the Galatians accepted? (1:9)

a.       They should be followed

b.      They should only be listen to if they hear it from an angel in heaven

c.       They should be under God’s curse


5.      If Paul was still trying to serve people, what would he not be? (1:10)

a.       A servant of Christ

b.      A servant of men

c.       A servant of the law


6.      Where did Paul receive the gospel that he preached? (1:11-12)

a.       It was taught to him by a man

b.      It was of human origin

c.       He received it by revelation from Jesus Christ


7.      Who did Paul say intensely persecuted the church of God and tried to destroy it? (1:13)

a.       Paul                 b.         Caesar             c.         Satan


8.      What did Paul advance in beyond many of his own age among his people (1:14)

a.       Paganism                     b.         Atheism                       c.         Judaism


9.      God revealed his Son to Paul so that he might preach Christ among whom? (1:16)

a.       The Jews                     b.         Paul’s people               c.         The Gentiles   


10.  Who did Paul stay fifteen days in Jerusalem with? (1:18)

a.       Barnabas                     b.         Cephas            c.         John


11.  Who was the Lord’s brother? (1:19)

a.       Cephas                        b.         James                           c.         Barnabas


12.  What did Paul do to the faith he once tried to destroy? (1:23)

a.       Argued against the faith

b.      Ignored the faith

c.       Preached the faith


13.  After fourteen years, who did Paul do to Jerusalem with? (2:1)

a.       Barnabas and Titus

b.      James and John

c.       Luke and Timothy


14.  Which of the following was Titus? (2:3)

a.       A Roman                     b.         A Jew              c.         A Greek


15.  Who spied on their freedom in Christ? (2:4)

a.       False Believers            b.         Jewish Leaders           c.         Pagans


16.  What does God not show? (2:6)

a.       Love                            b.         Favoritism                   c.         Anger


17.  Who has been entrusted with the task of preaching to the uncircumcised? (2:7)

a.       Peter                            b.         Paul                             c.         Titus


18.  Who were James, Cephas, and John? (2:9)

a.       Pillars                          b.         False Believers            c.         Greeks


19.  Who did James, Cephas, and John want Paul to remember? (2:10)

a.       The sick                       b.         The poor                      c.         Those in prison


20.  Where did Paul oppose Cephas? (2:11)

a.       Antioch                       b.         Jerusalem                    c.         Rome


21.  Cephas began to draw back and separate himself from Gentiles when men from whom came? (2:12)

a.       Paul                             b.         James                           c.         Barnabas


22.  Who was led astray by Cephas’ hypocrisy? (2:13)

a.       Paul                             b.         James                           c.         Barnabas


23.  By what did Paul say a person was justified? (2:16)

a.       How he or she feels    b.         Works of the law        c.         Faith in Jesus Christ


24.  What did Paul say that he would be if he rebuilt what he destroyed? (2:18)

a.       A Builder                    b.         A Lawbreaker             c.         A Hypocrite


25.  Why did Paul die to the law? (2:17)

a.       So that he might live for God

b.      Because he was too weak to keep the law

c.       Because he was a Gentile and not a Jew


26.  Fill in the blank: “I have been __________ and I no longer live.” (2:20)

a.       Justified by the law

b.      Crucified with Christ

c.       Sentenced to die


27.  If righteousness could be gained through the law, then which of the following is true? (2:21)

a.       We could be saved by believe what we want to believe

b.      Christ died for nothing

c.       No one would be righteous


28.  How was Jesus Christ clearly portrayed to the foolish Galatians? (3:1)

a.       As Crucified               b.         On His Throne                        c.         As Ascended


29.  How were the foolish Galatians trying to finish what they had begun by means of the Spirit? (3:3)

a.       By worshipping other gods

b.      By means of the flesh

c.       By trusting in Christ


30.  Who believed and it was credited to him as righteousness? (3:6)

a.       Adam                          b.         Abel                            c.         Abraham        


31.  Paul refers to Abraham as which of the following? (3:9)

a.       The Man of the Law   b.         The Man of Faith        c.         A Self-made Man


32.  Everyone who does not do everything written in the Book of the Law is what? (3:10)

a.       Blessed                        b.         Cursed             c.         Lost    


33.  What will the righteous live by? (3:11)

a.       Faith                            b.         Sight                            c.         The Law


34.  Finish the following: “Cursed is everyone who…” (3:13)

a.       Is hung on a pole

b.      Obeys the law

c.       Follows Abraham’s example


35.  Who is the seed of Abraham? (3:16)

a.       The Jewish People      b.         Paul                             c.         Christ


36.  How long after the covenant with Abraham was the law introduced? (3:17)

a.       360 years                     b.         430 years                     c.         590 years


37.  What was the law given? (3:19)

a.       Because of God’s mercy

b.      Because of man’s goodness

c.       Because of the transgression


38.  Who or what was our guardian? (3:24)

a.       Faith                            b.         The Law                      c.         Christ


39.  Who has clothed themselves in Christ? (3:27)

a.       Those who were baptized into Christ

b.      Those who follow the law

c.       Only the Gentiles


40.  Who is no different from a slave? (4:1)

a.       The heir who has received his estate

b.      The heir who is underage

c.       The heir whose inheritance has been stolen from him


41.  When we were underage, what were we in slavery under? (4:4)

a.       The Elemental Spiritual Forces

b.      The Spirit of God’s Son

c.       The Law of the Spirit


42.  What happened to us when God sent his Son? (4:4)

a.       We became slaves to the law

b.      We were still underage

c.       We were redeemed from the law


43.  Who calls out “Abba, Father?”  (4:6)

a.       The one under the law

b.      The Spirit of God’s Son

c.       Abraham


44.  How was it that Paul first preached to the Galatians? (4:13)

a.       Because he was shipwrecked in Galatia

b.      Because he was imprisoned

c.       Because of an illness


45.  What would the Galatians have torn out for Paul? (4:15)

a.       Their Eyes                   b.         Their Teeth                 c.         Their Tongues


46.  How many sons did Abraham have? (4:22)

a.       Two                             b.         Six                               c.         Twelve


47.  What was the son by the free woman born as a result of? (4:23)

a.       The Flesh                    b.         A Divine Promise        c.         Sin


48.  Where was Mount Sinai? (4:25)

a.       Arabia             b.         Galatia                         c.         Ephesus


49.  Who did Paul say the brothers and sisters were like in that they were child of promise? (4:28)

a.       Hagar                          b.         Abraham                     c.         Isaac


50.  Who have those who are trying to be justified by the law been alienated from? (5:4)

a.       Christ                          b.         Abraham                     c.         Moses


51.  How is the faith that counts expressed? (5:6)

a.       Through Works           b.         Through the Law        c.         Through Love


52.  What does a little yeast work through? (5:9)

a.       The Whole Batch of Dough

b.      The Whole Loaf of Bread

c.       The Whole Bag of Flour


53.  How should we serve one another? (5:13)

a.       The oldest should serve the youngest

b.      Humbly in love

c.       Following the example of the Ephesians


54.  In which command is the entire law fulfilled? (5:14)

a.       Observe the Sabbath and keep it holy

b.      Do not judge or you will be judged

c.       Love your neighbor as yourself


55.  What is contrary to the flesh? (5:17)

a.       The Spirit                    b.         The Law                      c.         The World


56.  What will happen to those who live in a way as to practice the acts of the flesh? (5:21)

a.       They will be unpopular

b.      They will fail in all that they do

c.       They will not inherit the Kingdom of God


57.  Which of the following are among the fruit of the Spirit listed by Paul? (5:19-22)

a.       Popularity, Fame, and Beauty

b.      Love, Kindness and Gentleness

c.       Knowledge, Wisdom and Success


58.  What has happened to those who belong to Christ? (5:24)

a.       They have been blessed with the goods of this life

b.      They keep the Law of Moses

c.       They have crucified the flesh


59.  What are those who live by the Spirit to do to the one who is caught in a sin? (6:1)

a.       Throw them out of the church

b.      Let everyone know about their sin

c.       Restore the person gently


60.  How do we fulfill the law of Christ according to Paul? (6:2)

a.       By carrying each other’s burden

b.      By keeping the law

c.       By obeying the laws of man


61.  The one who receives instruction in the what should share all good things with their instructor? (6:6)

a.       The Law                      b.         The Word                    c.         A Job Skill


62.  What will the one who sows to please the Spirit reap? (6:8)

a.       All Good Things         b.         Great Wealth               c.         Eternal Life


63.  What did Paul use to write to the Galatians with his own hand? (6:11)

a.       A Large Pen                b.         A Large Scroll             c.         Large Letters


64.  Paul said may he never boast except in what? (6:14)

a.       The Law of Moses     

b.      The Good Works of the Galatians

c.       The Cross of our Lord Jesus Christ


65.  What did Paul bear in his body? (6:17)

a.       The marks of his past sinful life

b.      The marks of Jesus

c.       The marks of a serious illness





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