Galatians, Ephesians, Philippians, and Colossians

March Study Questions




1.      Paul told the Philippians to make his joy complete by being likeminded, being one what? (2:2)

a.       One in mind and one in doctrine

b.      One in spirit and of one mind

c.       One in thought and feeling


2.      In our relationships, who are we to have the same mindset as? (2:5)

a.       Christ Jesus                 b.         Each Other                  c.         The World


3.      Jesus took the very nature of what?  (2:7)

a.       A Servant                    b.         A King                        c.         A Teacher


4.      What will every tongue acknowledge? (2:11)

a.       That Jesus will come again

b.      That Jesus Christ is Lord

c.       That Jesus was prophesied by the prophets


5.      How should one work out their salvation? (2:12)

a.       In our own wisdom

b.      By the Law of Moses

c.       With fear and trembling


6.      What did Paul talk about being poured out as? (2:17)

a.       A Drink Offering

b.      New Wine

c.       Water of Life


7.      Who, like a son with his father, served with Paul in the work of the Gospel? (2:22)

a.       Cephas                                    b.         Timothy                       c.         Euodia


8.      Who was ill and almost died? (2:25-27)

a.       Epaphroditus               b.         Euodia             c.         Eunice


9.      Which tribe was Paul from? (3:5)

a.       Judah                                       b.         Levi                 c.         Benjamin


10.  To which group did Paul belong? (3:5)

a.       Pharisees                                 b.         Sadducees       c.         Essenes


11.  Paul wanted to gain righteousness that comes from what? (3:9)

a.       Faith                            b.         The Law                      c.         Works


12.  Which of the following can be said of those who live as enemies of the cross of Christ (3:18-19)

a.       Their destiny is destruction, their god is money, and their glory is fading

b.      Their destiny is destruction, their god is their stomach, and their glory is shame

c.       Their destiny is destruction, their god is pride, and their glory is false


13.  Who did Paul want to be of the same mind in the Lord? (4:2)

a.       Timothy and Epaphroditus

b.      Cephas and James

c.       Euodia and Syntyche


14.  How often are we to rejoice in the Lord? (4:4)

a.       Often                           b.         Always                        c.         One in awhile


15.  What does the peace of God transcend? (4:7)

a.       All Understanding

b.      All Reason

c.       All Knowledge


16.  Where was Paul when the Philippians more than once? (4:16)

a.       Ephesus                       b.         Thessalonica                c.         Jerusalem


17.  Whose household did Paul want the Philippians especially to greet? (4:22)

a.       Caesar’s                       b.         Cephas’                       c.         Clement’s





18.  Who was Paul’s fellow servant and a faithful minister of Christ? (1:7)

a.       Epaphras                     b.         Euodia             c.         Eunice


19.  The Father had qualified the Colossians to share in the inheritance of his holy people in the kingdom of what? (1:12)

a.       Power                          b.         Glory               c.         Light


20.  Who is the firstborn over all creation? (1:15)

a.       Adam                          b.         The Son           c.         Abraham


21.  Who is the head of the body, the church? (1:18)

a.       The Spirit                    b.         The Son           c.         The Apostles


22.  How did the Son reconcile to himself all things? (1:20)

a.       By creating all things, visible and invisible

b.      By descending to Earth

c.       Through his blood, shed on the cross


23.  In addition to contending for the Colossians, Paul also contended for those in which city? (2:1)

a.       Corinth                        b.         Rome               c.         Laodicea


24.  In Christ, the fullness of what lives in bodily form? (2:9)

a.       The Deity                    b.         The Universe   c.         Creation


25.  How are we buried with Christ? (2:12)

a.       By Praying to Him      b.         At the Lord’s Table     c.         In Baptism


26.  How did God take away our charge of indebtedness? (2:14)

a.       Through the Law of Moses

b.      He nailed it to the cross

c.       By the good works that we do

27.  What are the rules such as “Do not handle” or “Do not taste” are based upon what? (2:21-22)

a.       Eternal Principles                    b.         New Life in Christ      c.         Human Commands and Teachings


28.  Where is Christ seated? (3:1)

a.       At the Right Hand of God

b.      At the Left Hand of God

c.       On God’s Throne


29.  What is coming as a result of things that belong to your earthy nature? (3:6)

a.       The Anger of God

b.      The Judgment of God

c.       The Wrath of God


30.  Which of the following are God’s chosen people specifically told to cloth themselves with? (3:12)

a.       Compassion, kindness and patience

b.      Love, joy and peace

c.       Tolerance, understanding, and goodness


31.  How are we to teach and admonish one another? (3:16)

a.       By telling them what to do

b.      Pointing out their faults and sins

c.       Through psalms, hymns, and songs from the Spirit


32.  What does it please the Lord for children to do? (3:20)

a.       Obey their parents      

b.      Clean their room

c.       Keep quiet


33.  Why should parents not embitter their children? (3:21)

a.       They will become discouraged

b.      They will become angry

c.       They will become sad


34.  Our conversation should be full of grade and seasoned with what? (4:6)

a.       Spices                          b.         Salt                  c.         Sweet Herbs


35.  Who was Paul’s fellow prisoner? (4:7)

a.       Tychicus                      b.         Onesimus        c.         Epaphras


36.  Who was Mark’s cousin? (4:10)

a.       Paul                             b.         Luke                c.         Barnabas


37.  What was Epaphras always doing? (4:12)

a.       Preaching the Gospel

b.      Wrestling in Prayer

c.       Caring for the Poor


38.  What was Luke’s profession? (4:14)

a.       Fisherman                    b.         Doctor             c.         Priest


39.  Who had a church in her house? (4:15)

a.       Nympha                      b.         Eoudia             c.         Mary


40.  Where else did Paul want his letter to the Colossians to be read? (4:16)

a.       The church of the Corinthians

b.      The church of the Thessalonians

c.       The church of the Laodiceans



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